Kura Design Villas

The Most Glamorous Romantic Resort in Costa Rica

A boutique hotel high in the Uvita rainforest, Kurà Design Villasis an exclusive destination in its own right.

Our 8 Luxury Suites, tropical minimalist design and panoramic views set the stage for ultra-personalized luxury, relaxation, and privacy.

We warmly welcome you to our tropical utopia.


“The most glamorous romantic resort in Costa Rica”

– Forbes Magazine

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Leading Costa Rica’s Design Movement

How an Architect & Biologist Created Kurà

A young, Costa Rican couple, Martin Wells and Alejandra Umaña, were looking for a new challenge.

As an Architect and Biologist, respectively, Martin and Alè wanted to do something that had never been done before in Costa Rica. They wanted to introduce a modern, dynamic architectural concept that would push the boundaries of what was possible.

And they wanted to do it in an extreme tropical setting — in beautiful Uvita — away from the city, where Alè’s biology expertise would blend seamlessly with Martin’s architectural vision.

Alè and Martin’s first concept was to build an extreme Hostel, the kind of youthful, dynamic place with skateboards, bikes and daredevil trails. But when they were brought to the top of a mountain in Uvita, they instantly fell in love with the spectacular view.

The plan changed. It was the perfect sunset, the perfect day, the perfect timing:

“We have to do something amazing here”.

And so they did. The result is Alè and Martin’s stunning expression of tropical minimalist design. From the clean lines, lush native gardens, the extraordinary views — and all the smiles and treasured details that bring this space to life — you’ll feel Alè and Martin’s fearless and forward-thinking spirit here.

Today, Kurà Design Villas is Costa Rica’s prized example of contemporary design meets ultimate, sustainable luxury. As an adults-only hotel with 8 private suites, Kurà Design Villas is a glamorous destination for couples with great, big dreams and an appetite for the best things in life.

Because when you do something that has never been done before, incredible things can happen.

Kurà Design Villas is a proud member of the Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels & Lodges. Through it’s environmental awareness efforts and sustainability programs, Kurà represents a new generation of hoteliers leading the way for intelligent luxury travel.